ITS AUTOFAB produces finished goods from raw materials by using upto date technology, tools & equipments and processes, then sells the goods to the automotive industry.
At ITS AUTOFAB, we only recruite highly trained, educated & experienced segments of the workforce that can complete more complex mental or physical tasks with the robotics technology & manual labour works.
Technology has vastly increased productivity in these modern times, ITS AUTOFAB is offering ways to increase productivity, improved quality & reduced cost by automating difficult or monotonous tasks
Experience world-class innovation and design from ITS AUTOFAB, where art meets functionality. We offer exceptional value, performance and fun whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Make everyday travel exciting soon with eco-friendly motor bikes that save on cost and provide zero emissions with every trip.


Clean. Green. Powerful.

Switch to clean & green mobility with ITS Autofab E-Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly Parts which are manufactured in India.


We are convinced that the future of Electric Mobility will be EV-Scooter & Motorcycle for a Cleaner, Greener & Sustainable Enviroment.


Our core objective is to give our customers access to state-of-the-art technology which is Made-In-India.


Our Goal is to to reduce our dependence on other manufacturing countries by making products in India, so that we can contribute to the “Gross Domestic Product” of the country & be a part of the growth in Electric Sustainable World.


By employing the local workforce, we will help to create more jobs to enhance the livelihoods of the local citizens, while ensuring that E-Scooter & Motorcycle manufacturers also have easy access to E-Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly Parts.


Frame Body Complete Assembly (Chassis)

Handle Bar Assembly

Center Stand Assembly (Main Stand)

Side Stand

Swing Arm Assembly

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