Leading the way
Towards the Electric Future


The world is changing & how.? And our plan is to change the future of Electric Mobility.


At ITS Autofab, we help drive your business by providing reliable E-Scooter & Motorcycle


Assembly Parts, most competitive prices along with cutting-edge technology on which you can trust.


Presently, most E-Scooter & Motocycles Assembly Parts are imported in from China.


This is where we come in the demography of electric world, by manufacturing Frame Body (Chasis) Assembly, Swing Arm Assembly, Side Stand, Handle Bar, Centre Stand along with Plastic Parts under the “Make in India” Inititative, we can manufacture more & more Electric Scooters & Motocycle Assembly.

Tapish Pahil

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of ITS Autofab says, Our vision is in sync with the vision of “Make In India”initiative.


By manufacturing Electric Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly Parts in India, we are trying to become Self-Reliant (Atmanirbhar) & give a boost to the livelihood across the Electric Vehicle Sector.


I Believe, Electric Vehicles can be a cost-effective way to reduce operational expenses, EVs also serve as a greener alternative to gas or diesel vehicles. By eliminating exhaust, they can reduce a fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions.


I somehow knew we at ITS Autufab have to start manufacturing products that are eco-friendly, tech-friendly & put India on the world electric manufacturing map.”
This is my Vision!


Clean. Green. Powerful.

Switch to clean & green mobility with ITS Autofab E-Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly Parts which are manufactured in India.


We are convinced that the future of Electric Mobility will be EV-Scooter & Motorcycle for a Cleaner, Greener & Sustainable Enviroment.


Our core objective is to give our customers access to state-of-the-art technology which is Made-In-India.


Our Goal is to to reduce our dependence on other manufacturing countries by making products in India, so that we can contribute to the “Gross Domestic Product” of the country & be a part of the growth in Electric Sustainable World.


By employing the local workforce, we will help to create more jobs to enhance the livelihoods of the local citizens, while ensuring that E-Scooter & Motorcycle manufacturers also have easy access to E-Scooter & Motorcycle Assembly Parts.

So, are you ready to join the electric revolution?⚡